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Online casinos are an exciting hobby for players of all levels. BetBoom has over fifty different game options. Most of them are with live dealers. There is no longer a need to visit special establishments and pay for admission. Play at home and feel the real excitement in a safe environment. 

Pros of playing in an online casino

It doesn't take a lot of time to get to know a new kind of entertainment. Unlike sports betting, there is no need to learn strategies and rules. A basic understanding of the disciplines takes up to fifteen minutes on average. It is only important to decide on the game, look through the simple rules and then you can already claim a big win. Very often, beginners manage to find a way to victory immediately after registering on the site. Experience is not that important in an online casino. All players have an equal chance of success.

We urge you to treat the game as a hobby. In this case, it will be a completely secure online casino. BetBoom strictly enforces the rules and complex digital algorithms, but cannot guarantee winnings to all customers.

Another advantage is the colorful atmosphere. BetBoom employs only high-quality dealers to help you enjoy the game. Moreover, their actions are visible from all angles. Secure casino customers are protected from fraudulent practices. Online dealers try not only to fulfill their functionality, but also to entertain those who are waiting for the outcome of their bet.

The team includes only experienced employees who are inclined to favorable communication with any registered client. All questions about the game in the chat are not left without attention. 

BetBoom casino game options

In the online casino section, a variety of games are presented at the request of users. The most popular disciplines are poker and roulette. There are many different subspecies of card games. There is also a large selection for those who prefer roulette. European, American, bingo roulette, most of the draws are played live from the luxurious halls.

Other disciplines available at online casinos:

  • Blackjack;
  • Baccarat;
  • Speedy 7;
  • Monopoly;
  • Dream Catcher;
  • MusicWheel.

The rules of each individual game are available in a special window at launch. Also, dealers almost always explain the basic points before the draw. All games are based on the appearance of various numbers or combinations. Winners are determined using clever mathematical algorithms.

Some games are completely intuitive. In roulette, you just need to choose a number, sector or place a bet on even / odd. All betting options are presented in a special menu.

Card games also follow the standard online casino rules. This applies to Blackjack and Hold'em. There are less popular disciplines. The rules are also extremely simple.

One of the most promising varieties of card games is Speedy 7. The client must predict whether the card will turn black or red by placing a bet at the selected odds. In two minutes, seven cards are dealt, hence the name of this game. Fans of the wheel of fortune can safely try Dream Catcher. This is a traditional spinning wheel, but with updated rules.  There are 54 sectors in total. You need to bet on any. For dynamism and excitement, a new drawing takes place every 15 seconds.

Another analogue of the colorful wheel in an online casino is Monopoly. Here you also need to place a bet and wait for the final result after the rotation from the dealer. There is also a second phase of the game. To get into it, you need the wheel to stop in one of the bonus sections. Then the player will be given the opportunity to roll the dice in order to increase the monetary winnings. 

 Pros of online casino BetBoom

The casino on our site provides fair and safe gaming. BetBoom team works under an official license. Information on regulatory authorities can be found on the main page of the section. The company is solely responsible for ensuring that the game is transparent for customers. Any fraudulent actions against players are excluded. The process proceeds only according to legal mathematical algorithms. The likelihood of winning in each discipline is strictly monitored by the governing body for compliance with the rules.

In addition, BetBoom pays special attention to the protection of the data of its customers. The platform guarantees complete security of private information. We use state of the art encryption technology. A special emphasis in online casino security is made on transactions. Customers can be completely confident that their data will never be intercepted by intruders.

BetBoom's key advantage is bright games with unique graphics. At the same time, a lot of power is not required from the client computers. All games are not overly dependent on resources. The programs are presented by the best providers in their respective industries. Products from the following software developers are available on our website:

  • Evolution;
  • Vivogaming;
  • LiveSlots;
  • Pragmatic play.

Before being admitted to customer service, providers are carefully scrutinized for smooth and quality performance. Technical glitches are virtually eliminated in our games. If they do happen, the support service takes the player's side in all controversial situations.

The interface of all applications is built with multitasking in mind. It is possible to run several games at the same time and it is easy to have time to place bets in several places.

Website support works around the clock. The specialists on the online casino hotline can be contacted not only for technical issues. At BetBoom, we are committed to responsible gaming that should not negatively impact other areas of life. If you feel that the game in the casino has ceased to bring pleasure, then the staff will promptly help you find a way out of this situation. In particular, you can always set a financial limit on spending for a certain period of time.

The online casino has a special bonus program for active players. BetBoom clients can count on an initial increase in the amount of their first deposit. The most active players are rewarded with a cashback percentage. Be sure to keep track of the promotions page, new offers often appear for a short time for the most attentive players. 

Why choose BetBoom casino

The BetBoom website has no security problems, a wide range of games is presented, and the atmosphere is no worse than in a real casino. Players simply don't feel the difference thanks to top-tier dealers creating the right mood.

From a technical point of view, the software has been tested and has not caused any complaints for years. All providers have passed several checks. Everything at BetBoom is made with the expectation of a quality customer experience.

The casino is suitable for both beginners taking their first steps and professionals. Bonus offers are calculated for all categories. The support service will always help you to take the first steps and protect you from the negative aspects of gambling, guaranteeing complete safety. Join one of the best online casinos in the world!