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Esports betting

The esports industry is growing at a very fast pace. Gradually, virtual battles are replacing some real sports events. In such conditions, betting on e-sports is becoming more and more popular. The BetBoom website has a special section for those who want to make money by betting on their favorite virtual disciplines. 

What is the advantage of eSports betting

E-sports betting conquered new markets even before the pandemic, but in modern realities it came to the fore at some point. The main advantage of virtual tournaments is that they can always be held virtually around the clock. The main competitions, majors, take place several times per season. At the same time, thousands of other local events around the world are played every day. Most of them can be booked with BetBoom.

Other benefits of esports betting:

  • Promptness of events;
  • Game skills will be a plus when betting;
  • Better odds than sports betting;
  • There are always live broadcasts of major events;
  • Lots of analytical materials for betting.

There is more excitement in esports when compared to classic disciplines. Events take place very quickly. An important advantage is the ability to place e-sports bets online. In fact, every 2-3 minutes you can get emotions from the result of a bet. For example, bet on separate rounds in Counter-Strike.

Esports events are much easier to analyze if you have experience playing in the chosen discipline. Experienced gamers often have an advantage over bookmaker analysts at the start. This is most important in online esports betting, where a decision must be made within seconds.

High-level eSports tournaments are almost always accompanied by free broadcasts. This is a significant difference from classic sports, where it is not always possible to find a legal broadcast. Cybersport tournaments are broadcasted either on the bookmaker's website or on public resources. It is very convenient to watch matches and quickly place bets.

There is no need to spend a lot of time analyzing events. There is a huge number of experts and free predictions about Counter-Strike and Dota 2 tournaments. The competition attracts a millionth audience. If you wish, you can understand the details of the tournaments and the main parameters in a very short time. 

BetBoom esports betting

BetBoom bookmaker offers about fifteen different disciplines for e-sports betting. The largest number of tournaments are held in the most popular games: Counter-Strike and Dota 2.

At the same time, other e-sports competitions are also detailed as much as possible. The site has the ability to bet on the following games:

  • Starcraft 2;
  • King of Glory;
  • FIFA;
  • NBA 2K;
  • NBA;
  • NHL;
  • Age of Empires II;
  • WNBA 2K.

For most of the matches, an additional list of the choice of the bet is presented. In Counter-Strike, on average, over 70-80 different options per line are offered per event. You can bet not only on classic outcomes, but also predict the number of rounds in a match, the exact score and make a bet with a handicap of your choice.

According to Dota 2, about 150 different betting options are open even before the match. Smallmarkets for professional cappers are available. Wagers are accepted on the first destruction of the tower, the first kill of the Roshan creep, the destruction of the barracks and other additional bets for advanced bettors.

In all disciplines, attention is paid not only to significant events. Lines are also offered for local competitions in various countries. This is especially true for FIFA, NBA and NHL sports simulator tournaments. BetBoom accepts betting on e-sports and on various show fights, which are often held as part of friendly football and hockey competitions between media personalities.

Painting in lines for sports simulators is similar to classic lines for playing sports. The BetBoom website also offers bets on total, handicap, bets on individual halves and other bets that can be found in regular football or hockey matches. 

Online esports betting

Online description is even more detailed. For one event in Counter-Strike and Dota 2, over two hundred different options in a line can be offered. In fact, you can place bets with the expectation of getting the result within the next few minutes.

The winnings in esports bets are much higher, but such bets should not be the starting point for beginners. Quotes change very quickly, you need to have some experience gained in standard lines to move to the next level. Professional Cuppers, on the other hand, can place big winnings in online bets on any esports discipline.

All events available on the BetBoom website in the pre-match mode are open for bets and online. For the convenience of users, special software is used to minimize various freezes and to increase the efficiency of bet acceptance to the maximum level. It is important that the coefficients are updated in Live mode automatically. The odds for an increase are highlighted in green, for a decrease - in red. For quick access to an event in one click, you can add it to your favorites.

There is no need to go to other sites looking for match results. On BetBoom, in a special section, the outcomes of all matches with the odds that have been won and lost are shown. For the convenience of the bookmaker's clients, all events can be sorted by date, discipline and tournament. 

Why bet on esports at BetBoom

BetBoom is committed to making its esports section one of the best in the world. The interface is already very convenient even for inexperienced users. You don't need to make more than three clicks to place a bet. Technical failures almost never happen. The efficiency of accepting bets is very high, and the update of the odds occurs with a delay of no more than two or three seconds.

In esports betting, players are offered odds that are not burdened with a high percentage of margin. There are no significant betting restrictions for professional cuppers, personal limits have no direct relationship with the number of wins.

Newcomers to esports betting can count on 24/7 support from operators. There is a hotline telephone, you can contact the site staff by e-mail.

Esports betting can make it difficult to understand certain types of bets. Operators will always explain in an accessible format the features of game rounds in Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and any other discipline.

Esports betting has not yet reached its peak. Now is the perfect time to start exploring the world of virtual games on the BetBoom website. Analysts are inclined to believe that in a few years e-sports will bypass classical sports disciplines in popularity. Tournaments are already gathering a million audience. We offer even more emotions from watching virtual battles together with the possibilities of a sportsbook section with e-sports bets.